How to Guide: Refinancing a Mobile Home In a Park

This how to guide is designed to make refinancing your mobile home in a park simple and quick.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with owning a home in a park or community.  If your having trouble finding financing you’ve come to the right place.  For over 15 years, Financial Services Unlimited has been helping people refinance their homes and lower their monthly payments.

 Our Goals:

  • Make refinancing mobile homes (in parks) easy
  • Lower your monthly payments and save you money
  • Convert your variable rate to a fixed rate

How to Guide- Mobile home refinancing in parks

We created a short and informative “How To” Guide that explains in 4 simple steps how to refinance your home (in a park).

A printer friendly version of our guide is available in pdf format:


Step 1.

Determine your reason(s) for wanting to refinance your Mobile or Manufactured Home Loan.

  • Lower your interest rate
  •  Lower your monthly payment
  •  Add or remove someone from the home title
  •  Convert your variable rate to a fixed rate
  •  Obtain cash-out of your home for home improvements or to pay-off higher interest rates credit cards or loans
  •  Convert your balloon loan to a fully amortized loan
  •  Pay off your Private Party Note and replace it with a Traditional Lender mortgage who reports to the credit bureaus
  •  Want to include property taxes and insurance in your monthly mortgage payment


Step 2: Get Organized

 Locate your current mortgage note to familiarize yourself with your current loan terms

  • Loan length of time
  • Interest rate
  • Variable rate versus fixed
  • Any balloon features

 Gather your home information

  • Year home was manufactured
  • Home Manufacturer’s Name
  • Model Name of Home
  • Width and Length of Home or Square Footage

 Gather your Employment and Income Information for all parties to be on the loan.

  • Locate last pay stub and W-2
  • Have work number handy
  • Know your average number of hours worked each week
  • If retired, determine your monthly Social Security Income before the Medicare deduction and monthly pension income
  • If self-employed locate last two years of Federal Tax Returns


Step 3: Understanding your Credit History

Understanding your credit history is very important when applying for credit. The terms of your new loan will be based by your credit score and current credit obligations.

  • Have some sense of your credit score
  • If you have no idea, we suggest that your contact to obtain a free credit report. The credit bureaus are required to provide you a free credit report annually if requested. They may however charge a small fee for your credit score.


Step 4:  Apply to refinance your Mobile or Manufactured Home loan

Now that your ready take a moment to fill out a quick online application.

Or if you prefer, call us at 800-238-9202 and we would be happy to assist you.