Mobile Home Financing Examples

Financing example for a mobile home in a park or on leased land:

Purchase Price $ 40,000.00
Down Payment 10%
Interest Rate*  6.99%
Loan Term 20 years
Amount to finance $ 36,000.00
Monthly Home Payments(PI) $ 278.89
Monthly Taxes $ 41.67
Monthly Insurance $ 30.00
Total PITI $ 350.56
Space Rent $ 350.00
Total PITI & Space Rent $ 700.56

Loan Application

*Interest rates are subject to change without notice based on market conditions, credit score/credit history and loan to value. 6.99% based on 700+ credit score. Subject to final credit approval. An Equal Housing Lender.

PI= Principal Interest
I= Insurance
T= Taxes

Your individual circumstance may vary from the example above

What about the interest rate?

Interest rates depend on many variables which makes it difficult to estimate. Additionally, we work with many different lenders and banks. Each will generally have different lending requirements for mobile homes which make every situation unique. Our goal is to save you time and frustration by looking for the best lender for your financing needs. This saves your credit score from being pulled too many times plus you get to work with our knowledgeable loan specialists who answer questions every step of the way.

Buying new or used:

Description Home Only Purchase Land & Home Purchase
Minimum Loan Amount: $25,000 $65,000
Model Year (Double Wide) After June 15th 1976 After June 15th 1976
Model Year (Single Wide)
1994 or newer No program
Down Payment 10% 5%
Debt to income Ratio 45% 45%
Max Term (up to) 20 years* 30 years*

Mobile Home Purchase


Refinancing current homes:

Description Home Only Refinance Land & Home Refinance
Minimum Loan Amount: $25,000 $65,000
Model Year (Double Wide) After June 15th 1976 After June 15th 1976
Model Year (Single Wide)
1994 or newer No program
Max Term (up to) 20 years* 30 years*
Loan to Value (LTV) 90% 95%


Mobile home refinance

* Down payment and terms are based on client credit history, collateral, and program selected and will vary based on each clients situation.

What we do:

Our company connects people with reliable financial institutions for the purpose of purchasing and refinancing manufactured homes. We operate out of Beaverton, Oregon but use the internet to reach and help thousands of customers all over the country. We make finding reliable financing for manufactured homes faster and easier by leveraging our relationships with banks, credit unions and lenders.

If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can:

FSU receives calls from all over the United States. While we may not be able to get you financed in some states, we will leverage our contacts and find someone who can help you. We’ve made it easy to get help with our short application. Fill out the form and we’ll do our part by finding a financial institution that can review your situation.